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Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Dec 30 2011

Please forgive the quality of these photos: they are homemade digital copies of original slides taken quite a while ago, nevertheless, I hope they're inspirational and interesting. They are the products of a time I was making any kind of economical, readily available Harley kits as custom bikes.  The first pictures are of a chunky blue job (in 1/10 scale I believe, can't recall the manufacturer) that started as an American police bike.  It was close enough to 1/12 to be able to use some Tamiya parts like the brake discs and exhaust silencer.


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Other pictures show genuine 1/12 scalers with engines and main frames from Imai kits, and extra bits from Tamiya again.  I found one of the most problematic areas was sourcing suitable seats.  Finally, I hit on the idea of using Plastiscine - hardened in the fridge overnight and then painted normally - to make virtually any shape I chose.  One other essential detailing mod for any 1/12 bike kits is replacing the vinyl tubing supplied for brake and throttle cables with anything just a bit thinner.

The final pair of pictures show the wonderful Esci (currently re-released by Revell, I believe) HD 45 sidevalve - slightly customised in the first shot, OOB in the second. None of these models was based on any specific full-size original.  They are all approximations of styles and different finishes you can see on custom Harleys in any magazines or on the web today.  Making models like these gives you the chance to be creative and I find it very relaxing and satisfying making up my own details.
Greg Kerry

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Photos and text by Greg Kerry