1/12 Tamiya Yamahas

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Jan 9 2012

Yamaha's water-cooled four-cylinder bikes have been around for some years now. I recall when the first in the range, the Genesis FZR, hit the UK streets everyone in the know was raving about it. I never quite got round to buying an example of the full-size machine, but the Tamiya kit was the next best thing. Making this model I got the idea to modify the kit just a little into something resembling a production racer: leaving off the indicators, filling in the headlight spaces, and changing the paint scheme. Of course, a real proddy racer would have different tyres, brakes and exhaust but I lacked the resources to change these. 


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The second Yamaha here represents the development of the basic design about ten years on: the R1. For this model, I did nothing extra but make the throttle cables and brake lines from eith stretched sprue or electric cable. With modern bike models especially it's important to vary the tone of metallic paint you use on exhaust systems, brake discs, and actual engines (which usually benefit from a light, black wash at least around the cylinders themselves. The tiny holes in the brake discs need treatment too: either drilling out (if you have a small enough bit) or using a hot pin held in a pin-chuck. 

Enjoy the photos.

Greg Kerry

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Photos and text by Greg Kerry