1/9 Protar Ducati 750SS

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Feb 29 2012


Protar kits are not exactly common - either in terms of subject or availability. Their bike kits range from classic racers of the 1950s and 1960s to road bikes of a slightly later date and a few which are more contemporary. The GP racers are pretty amazing including bikes from Moto Guzzi, Benelli and MV Agusta (Protar being an Italian company).  The moulding detail isn't quite up to Tamiya standards and there's often too much unrealistic chrome but some very fine, unique models can be made. One thing better than most rival manufacturers' kits is that cables are moulded in very soft vinyl and to a precise length and thickness - which makes them more realistic in every way. Decals though are of the dry rub-down type and can be tricky to get in just the right place. 

The Ducati 750 SS pictured here was made some time ago representing a machine from about 1970 - when Ducati bikes were just beginning to be a presence on the roads of the UK. There was a range of smaller single cylinder machines and then the wonderful, big v-twins like this. Most of them were originally finished in a horrible orange-yellow which I couldn't bear to inflict on my model. Of course, it was the later 900cc bikes which became more popular and lead to the fantastic Ducatis of today. 

Greg Kerry


Photos and text by Greg Kerry